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Luck of the Irish - Trading Draw

Cash Prizes all around

Luck of the Irish Promo

We at Xtrade celebrate Saint Patrick with a CASH prizes draw.

1st prize- $1000

$4,000 in CASH bonuses:

# # Winners Cash-prize
1st Place 1 $1,000
2nd Place 3 $500
3rd Place 6 $250


You need to trade a minimum of $40,000 to enter the draw during the promotion period.

The more you trade, the more chance you have to win.

The promotion runs from 14/3/2016 until 18/3/2016.

Winners will be drawn on 21/03/2016 and be notified of their CASH prize.

Start trading now to participate.

Promotion is subject to Terms and Conditions.

The promotion is time limited, running in the period dates 14/3/2016 until 18/3/2016

To enter the draw you need to trade a minimum of $40,000.

Winners will be drawn on 21/3/2016, and will be notified of their winning prize.

Cash Prize bonuses crediting

  • "CASH- prize" bonus is credited to the winner's account equity and can be used for trade. To redeem it, the winner must reach the required XPoints release volume.
  • Every instrument gives different XPoints per amount traded. Click here to see the complete table of instruments.

* Subject to Xtrade generic terms.

* By participating in this Campaign, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.



交易差价合约包含很大损失风险。 外汇(FX)/差价合约 (CFD) 交易涉及高风险,可能会造成投资本金损失。请确保您已充分理解所涉及的风险。